Glou Guide

"Les Trois Villages - by Eric Petitjean and Jean - Pierre Valade.

"The Ventoux to buy everything".

At the heart of a global project to rehabilitate an estate (organic since 1998) and wine tourism (renovation of a 16th century bastide, gites and gourmet restaurant), Château la Croix des Pins is not lacking in assets, nor in ideas. Eric Petitjean and Jean - Pierre Valade, the cellar master and the oenologist, with a strong experience in the Champagne region, have even imagined keeping a zero-sulphite cuvée on point, counting on the deposit of yeast accumulating in the neck to create a bio-protection that will protect the wine from oxidation. La Tête à l'Envers, the first still red wine from the Ventoux to be disgorged?  Marketed in a box that allows it to be kept in balance on the neck, you just have to turn the bottle upside down shortly before opening and serving to let the deposit go down, quite simply. 

The wine is quite good, both on the nose and on the palate, even if it is conceptual and marketing, which means that it sells above the financial criteria of the Glou Guide. So, without any shame, we'll fall back on the Trois Villages vintage, which is largely within the price range, and which can be enjoyed happily, without any headaches, even upside down. An obvious wine, very simple, very good, and at a very low price."