Château la Croix des Pins, Producer of organic wines AOC Beaumes de Venise 

AOP Beaumes de Venise : its terroir 

It is on our beautiful land of Provence, in the heart of the Dentelles de Montmirail, that the vineyard of Château la Croix des Pins extends over four hectares in AOP Beaumes de Venise.
With more than 2,000 years of history, the vineyard of Beaumes de Venise has been able to perpetuate itself through hard work, and it is in 2005 that this PDO was elevated to the rank of Cru of the Rhone Valley, thus imposing on the winegrowers certain behaviors such as exclusively manual harvesting, or the preservation of wooded areas in order to promote the natural balance and biodiversity of the Rhone Valley. It includes 600 hectares of vines, whose soils are composed of three different terroirs:
- The Triassic soils, ochre in color, rich in iron;
- The white soils of the Cretaceous, grayish, composed of clay-limestone marl;
- And the grey Jurassic soils, black marl, silt, clay and sand.


The lands of Château la Croix des Pins in the vineyard of Beaumes de Venise

It is on the white soils of the Cretaceous that the vines of Château la Croix des Pins grow, cultivated in Organic Agriculture, central point of the philosophy of the Domaine. These soils are ideal to obtain elegant red wines, with fruit aromas and a good ageing potential. The clayey nature of the soils, but especially the limestone coming from the coral massifs which were there 100 to 140 million years ago, allows the vine to draw all the mineral salts which are vital to it.

The grape varieties of the AOP Beaumes de Venise

The wines of the AOP Beaumes de Venise are mainly composed of Grenache noir, which brings structure and notes of red fruits, and which composes at least 50% of the finished product. To this grape variety can be added other so-called "complementary" grape varieties such as Syrah and Mourvèdre. Syrah is characterized by its purple color and aromas of violets. It ensures a good ageing to these wines. Mourvèdre is a qualitative grape variety but difficult to maintain in our regions. In total, these grape varieties should represent at least 25% of the finished product. To complete the picture, it is possible to add so-called "accessory" grape varieties such as Carignan, Cinsault or Marsanne, to name but a few. These "accessory" grape varieties will be present at a maximum of 10% in the final blend.

The AOP Beaumes de Venise wines of Château la Croix des Pins 

Château la Croix des Pins offers you an organic red wine AOC Beaumes de Venise composed of 70% Grenache and 30% Syrah. Resulting from argilo - calcareous ground. This wine is fine, light and airy. The grapes are harvested at optimum maturity. They are then macerated for a period of about three weeks for an optimal extraction of juice and fruit, thus optimizing the future work of assembly. The juice is then placed in stainless steel tanks for twelve months.
This AOC Beaumes de Venise red organic 2021 is in line with its predecessors, by its greedy and fruity character. However, it has its own particularities such as notes of menthol and fresh thyme, combined with the great classics such as dark chocolate and cocoa aromas, characteristic of wines from this terroir nestled in the Dentelles de Montmirail.
This delicate vintage will be the perfect accompaniment to roast poultry.