Château la Croix des Pins, Producer of organic wines AOC Gigondas

Under the Dentelles de Montmirail, nestled under the Col du Cayron, the vineyard of Château la Croix des Pins extends over seven hectares in AOC Gigondas, sublimated by a work done manually in Organic Agriculture.

The terroir of the AOC Gigondas

The geology and the climatology of the Gigondas vineyard bring all their specificity. The exceptional Dentelles de Montmirail massif, 630 meters high and 200 million years old, is composed of pyramids of grey limestone, whose exceptional structure is the result of phenomena dating from the secondary, tertiary and quaternary eras.)
The territory of the Gigondas AOC is determined by the Trignon to the North, the hills extending the Dentelles de Montmirail to the South, the Dentelles de Montmirail themselves to the East, and the Ouvèze to the West.

In this geographical area there are two distinct types of soil:
- On the upper part, the vines rest on sandy and calcareous molasses with skeletal and light soils, very hot and resistant to drought. 
- The lower part of the vineyard is made of ancient alluvial soil with broken stones. Mostly red soils, and mostly soils with a very high permeability. 
The vineyards are planted at an altitude of 160 to 450 meters, and their west/north-west exposure avoids excessive sunshine in summer. The vineyards are also planted on slopes, which protects them from fog and spring frosts. 

The grape varieties of the AOC Gigondas 

Grenache is the main grape variety of the AOC Gigondas. It is the king of the Rhone Valley wines and gives the wine all its structure. This grape variety must be in the majority in the final blend, which must include at least one of the two complementary grape varieties, Syrah and Mourvèdre. Syrah gives the wine floral notes of violets. Mourvèdre, a high potential grape variety, is qualitative when harvested at optimal maturity and allows a very good aging potential to the wines. These grape varieties can be accompanied by so-called "accessory" grape varieties such as Bourboulenc, Cinsault, Clairette or Roussanne. 

The AOC Gigondas wines of Château la Croix des Pins 

The red wines have a remarkable structure, expressing fine and spicy aromas of red and black fruits, very ripe evolving towards notes of undergrowth, truffles and roasting with age. It is a great wine for aging. It will be perfectly balanced after 5 to 7 years in the cellar, offering you the elegance of silky tannins.