AOC Ventoux 2023 competition

AOC Ventoux 2023 competition

The Competition 

Every year, the AOC Ventoux Competition is held, a competition that highlights the wines of the AOC Ventoux. The competition is based on a blind tasting of the wines presented for total impartiality. Thus, every year, Château la Croix des Pins proposes to this contest some of its flagship vintages. In 2022, the Château la Croix des Pins presented the Petit Nysse 2020, which won a Gold medal, or the Trois Villages white 2021, the Trois Villages red 2020 and the Tête à l'Envers 2021, which all three won a Silver medal.
In 2023, the estate presented the white Trois Villages 2022, the Secret 2022 and the Tête à l'Envers 2022. A selection of quality wines that live up to the expectations of the Château la Croix des Pins team.

The Wines Presented 

The Trois Villages White 2022 is an organic blend of Grenache, Marsanne, Roussanne, Rolle and Clairette. In line with its predecessors, this vintage is all about fruit. A real fruit cocktail that will perfectly accompany your aperitifs composed of fine charcuterie or cheese to refresh your summer evenings with friends. 
Secret 2022 is an organic white wine made from a blend of Grenache, Marsanne, Roussanne, Rolle and Clairette. Each grape variety has been aged separately in French oak barrels of one to three wines. This particular vinification gives this wine a buttery body and vanilla aromas that are perfectly appreciated with a fish dish, or at the end of a meal with a plate of soft cheeses.
Tête à l'Envers 2022 is an organic "black" wine with no added sulfite, using bio-protection as a natural sanitizer, thus preventing the wine from oxidizing once bottled. This wine is a real surprise, both in the winemaking method and in the tasting. Its acidulous aromas of small red fruits such as blackcurrant will be a perfect match for the sweetness of a chocolate-pear dessert, but also, served well chilled, on pasta with pesto. 

Results of these three organic AOC Ventoux wines 

At this competition, the Trois Villages blanc 2022 and the Secret 2022 obtained a Gold Medal, while the Tête à l'Envers 2022 obtained a Silver Medal. 
Enough to make the team of Château la Croix des Pins proud, and they intend to continue in this way to offer you the best!

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